Instagram + Self-Portrait = Free Urban Experience


Class of 2013-Free Urban Session + Free Album

Using the Instagram App take a self-portrait of yourself (limit of posting one pic). Hash tag the picture with the following: #mrfotoself

We will take all of the self-portraits with the hash tag #mrfotoself and put them in an Instagram Album on our Mr. Foto Facebook Page. We will then let your friends go and LIKE your pic. Whoever has the most LIKES will win the following: A free Urban Experience (session) in downtown Louisville and a free Instagram Album from the Experience.

Here is the cool part…we will photograph the session with the iPhone!

Here are the deadlines for the contest:
1. Self-Portrait must be taken by 6:00 p.m. Sunday April 22 and hash tagged #mrfotoself
2. Voting for most LIKES will take place between Monday April 23 and Friday April 27
3. Must be in the Senior Class of 2013.

You can follow me on Instagram @croutt. We will be showing behind the scenes photos of our senior experiences.

Ok…class of 2013 let’s take some pics!

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