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Chris Routt is nationally recognized as one of the premier senior photographers in the nation. His knowledge of light, the human form, and artistic directing give you portraits that reveal something beautiful in a person. We specialize in seniors, families, & weddings.

Mr. Foto is committed to creating the best senior pictures, family pictures, and wedding pictures in Indiana.  Mr. Foto, located in Scottsburg, Indiana creates beautiful and fashion oriented senior, family, and wedding photos.  Chris Routt is recognized as one of the top senior photographers in the country.  He has won numerous national awards for his senior images.  Mr. Foto takes amazing senior pictures from seniors in Scottsburg, Austin, Brownstown, Seymour, Jennings County, Madison, Southwestern, Salem, Pekin Eastern, Sellersburg, Clarksville, Floyd Central, New Albany, and Louisville, Kentucky.  We specialize in senior, family, and wedding portraits.


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